Who was voted off Big Brother August 29, 2013 evicted 8/29/13?

Another Big Brother 15 live eviction show tonight! It’s going to be either Aaryn or Andy to become the next member of the jury. Who will the houseguests vote to be evicted?

Week 10’s head of household was Elissa. It’s her first time to be the HoH and she nominated Aaryn and McCrae. But Amanda won the power of veto and thus, she used it to save McCrae. Since the veto holder cannot be the replacement nominee, Elissa had no choice but to nominate Andy.

Elissa’s goal to have Aaryn be evicted might really be a success tonight, but she’s in danger of being nominated if Amanda or McCrae becomes the next HoH.

How will the eviction goes?

By the way, there are rumors that the show is rigged and that Amanda was pre-selected to win Big Brother 15. Elissa was also selected but just to be a distraction and not to win the grand prize. Well, we’ll find that out soon! Also, it has happened in the past and that’s the way it works for the show.

Do you think the winner is already pre-selected?

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Update: Aaryn gets evicted! GinaMarie wins HoH!


Judd votes Aaryn

Spencer votes Aaryn

GinaMarie votes Aaryn

Amanda votes Aaryn

McCrae votes Aaryn


HoH COMPETITION – The houseguests must get eggs through chicken wire. The first one to get a dozen is the HoH!

winner – GinaMarie

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  1. I really hope the winner is not pre-selected it would be disappointing. I don’t know if I could watch if Amanda or Aaryn wins the game. Why would they pre-select someone like Amanda to win that has money anyways.

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