Who was voted off Big Brother August 30, 2012 evicted 8/30/12?

One of the house guests will be entering the jury house tonight on Big Brother. Who among the two nominees could it be? Will it be Britney or Danielle? What do you think of the events that happened inside the house this week?

The remaining house guests are Britney, Dan, Danielle, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Joe and Shane. At first, Frank’s target was Dan. Thus, he puts Dan and Danielle on the block. However, things changed when Jenn won the PoV during the PoV competition in which she played along with Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane.

Dan was able to put up a plan to save himself while in a solitary confinement. Right after he was out, he was able to make a deal with Frank, making the HoH to get Jenn to use the veto on him and put Britney as the replacement nominee. He also told Frank about the Quack Pack, which made Frank accept the alliance (as if he have a choice).

Anyway, Dan’s plan was to have Britney out of the house instead of Danielle and Frank was able to convince Jenn about the plan. Ian, who have the Pandora veto, didn’t use it, but Jenn did and decided to put Dan out of the block, as what Dan and Frank planned. Frank then puts Britney as the replacement nominee and looks like she’s the one who will be leaving the house tonight.

How long will the alliance of Dan, Frank and Jenn last? Who’s going to be the next HoH winner?

As always, results will be posted here. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out who becomes the first member of the jury as she gets voted off Big Brother’s August 30, 2012 episode. The HoH competition could be an endurance competition.. If ever the results of the next HoH isn’t announced during the show, check back this page for updates later on.

Update: Britney has been evicted! Ian is the new HoH!


Dan – Britney

Jenn – Britney

Ian – Britney Danielle

Shane – Britney

Joe – Britney



– Joe is down first, followed by Jenn

– Danielle is out

– Dan dropped out as well

– Shane vs Ian

– Ian wins!

10 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 30, 2012 evicted 8/30/12?

  1. Dan is GENIUS! while he has no contact with anyone for 24 hours, he came out with the ultimate plan to keep himself safe yet again. My hat is off to you. I’m truly not worthy!

  2. well dam, dan did it i would have never thought that would have happen. my favorite player was jenelle after she left i did not know who to go for but now im going for dan or ian joe needs to go next because he is just skating on by and not winning nothing. the bottom three should be frank, dan, ian

  3. Maybe Frank leaves, just as long as Dan is safe, I’m fine with it. If the noms remain the same, I’d love to see Ian take down Frank. Then it’s Ian’s turn, plus Dan, Danielle, & Jen need to make sure Shane is in their fold. Joe goes leaving next & final four fight it out, hopefully leaving Dan & Danielle the last two standing. I think Danielle wins, Dan gets the $50k plus fan fav’s $25k

  4. I didn’t like Dan on BB 10, and I certainly do not like him on BB 14…Dan plays the game Cut-Throat style, he is self-centered, selfish, and arrogant…imho.

    I hope the final 2 will be Ian winning it all, with either Joe, Danielle, or Shane sitting next to him. Get rid of Dan, b4 he Mists you & Frank.

  5. You call yourself “Diva” & say that Dan is self centered? That’s a little ironic, don’t you think? Dan is universally thought of as the greatest player to ever play the game. Being cut-throat is part of the game; to make it to the end, you have to betray someone. Brit did that!

  6. @John/aka Dan Fan…
    Dude, you don’t know me from the man in the moon, so U don’t have to get “personal” with me….

    How U feel about Dan is your opinion, and how I feel about Dan is “my” opinion, & I am entitled to it..Seesh Its “just” a freakin game, get a grip!

    All I’m saying is that Dan & Brit were in an alliance, HE should have honored it, at least for a bit longer. And also when the HG were looking for coins for the veto machine Dan was pushing everyone out of the way so that HE could get the coins all for himself. I don’t know about you, but Dan came off as very selfish, self-centered, cut-throat, & arrogant…IMHO…

  7. I want Dan to go home and and Danielle to win it But I honestly don’t know if she could go against Ian he is to smart I also hope Danielle And Shane keep a relationship going outside the BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!¡

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