Who was voted off Big Brother August 4, 2011 evicted 8/4/11?

Big Brother August 4, 2011 eviction night for week 4 tonight. Will there be any surprises? There’s a least chance that Jordan will be leaving so we know who will be leaving. We’ll provide live result during the show on who gets voted out of Big Brother 8/4/11 eviction.

Rachel and Brendon – the duo who were nominated by Daniele. She wants Brendon out and looks like she’ll be getting it. Of course, the house guests will be choosing Jordan instead of Brendon. What’s going to be more exciting is the upcoming HoH competition. If Rachel wins, Dani for sure gets nominated. What could be more interesting is if Dani wins PoV and put Jeff as replacement nominee.

There are lots of possibilites but for tonight, we’ll have to find out first who goes out. Anyway, will there be votes for Jordan? Who will dare except Rachel?

The house guest who was voted off Big Brother August 4, 2011 results will be provided, as always as well as the HoH competition updates.

Update: Brendon was voted off; Kalia wins HoH; To vote for the evicted houseguest you want to come back in the game – check it on CBS.

Jeff voted Brendon;

Rachel voted Jordan;

Adam voted Brendon;

Porsche voted Jordan;

Lawon voted Brendon;

Shelly voted Brendon;

Kalia voted Brendon;

Twist announced – one of the evicted House guests have a a chance to come back. Viewers get to vote!

14 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 4, 2011 evicted 8/4/11?

  1. Brendon has to come back! Even if you dont like Brenchel he has to come back to take down Daniele. And if your Jeff and Jordan fans you REALLY should vote for him because he’s with them!

  2. Everybody get a clue, danieles the only one to have the balls to go against brenchel. All the other zombies are just walking around kissing butt. They will float through the whole game and not do anything constructive. Rachel needs to go next, guess what somebody did get between her and her man. Lol. 😉

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