Who was voted off Big Brother August 5, 2010 evicted 8/5/10?

The fourth eviction night will happen on Big Brother 12 on August 5, 2010. It will be an exciting night to find out who the rest of the House Guests will voted out to get eliminated on Big Brother 8/5/10. Are you excited as well?

Rachel was again the HoH and this time, she nominated Hayden and Kristen. Of course, Kristen is pissed since she knows she’s the one most likely to go home than Hayden and the only hope is if Britney uses the PoV since she have won it. Bad news for the two since Britney didn’t use it after all so either of them will go home on Thursday night.

Supposedly Britney was to use it but before the ceremony, Rachel kinda threatened her in a subtle way the she would put Lane up if ever she will use it. Thus Britney told Rachel she won’t use it and didn’t have the chance to tell Hayden or Kristen that the agreement was off because she was called to the DR before the PoV ceremony.

Between the two nominees, we Hayden has the biggest chance to stay at the Big Brother House because for sure he has The Brigade’s votes. We’ll see if that is going to happen on Thursday night. Please stay tuned and bookmark this page as live updates will be posted here are always.

Who was voted off Big Brother August 5, 2010? – Soon!

Updates: Kristen is evicted! Matt is the new HoH!

Julie Chen talking to the houseguests

Hayden and Kristen talking

Enzo voted out Kristen

Kathy voted out Hayden

Matt voted out Kristen

Lane voted out Kristen

Ragan voted out Kristen

Brendon voted out Kristen

Britney voted out Kristen

Voters chose Ragan to be the new saboteur! Will he accept it? He will be offered only if the new HoH chooses to open Pandora’s box. The offer will be asked to Matt if Ragan turns it down.

HoH competition is titled “True Colors”

Kathy dropped

Matt, Lane, Britney, Hayden, Britt hasn’t dropped yet

Everyone dropped except for Matt and Ragan again.

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