Who was voted off Big Brother August 8, 2013 evicted 8/8/13?

Tonight’s going to be an exciting night on Big Brother 15. Not one but two houseguests will be leaving the Big Brother house tonight. These two houseguests won’t be totally leaving though as they will be the first two members of the jury. Yes, CBS has announced that recently and this must be the biggest jury members ever. Who do you think will the two houseguests to be evicted tonight?

The HoH for week 6 is GinaMarie. She nominated Candice and Jessie while America, who’s the MVP for the third time, nominated Amanda again. But during the veto competition, Jessie won and as expected, she saved herself and the replacement nominee was Spencer.

Those who participated in the veto competition were Candice, Jessie, GinaMarie, Amanda, Judd and Spencer. Aaryn was the host. Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas while Judd won $5,000. Candice won a clown suit that she has to wear for the week. Amanda won 50 spray tans, once an hour for 50 hours. GinaMarie won a dog cone to wear around her neck for a day.

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight? Will it be Candice, Amanda or Spencer?

Who will be the second evicted house guest?

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Update: Candice gets evicted! Judd gets evicted! These two becomes the jury members.


McCrae votes Candice

Aaryn votes Candice

Helen votes Candice

Jessie votes Candice

Elissa votes Candice

Andy votes Candice

Judd votes Candice


HoH Competition Part 1 – “Summer School”

Aaryn wins HoH!






Veto Competition – Winner – Aaryn

Veto Ceremony – Aaryn saves Jessie and nominated Judd



Amanda votes Judd

McCrae votes Judd

GinaMarie votes Judd

Andy votes Judd

Helen votes Judd

Elissa votes Judd

Jessie votes Judd

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