Who was voted off Big Brother August 9, 2012 evicted 8/9/12?

Tonight on Big Brother we’ll find out who among the nominees will be leaving the house. It has been a crazy week for some of the house guests, particularly with Danielle. Being the HoH for the week, Danielle has been manipulated by Dan. The nominations was chosen by him and executed by Danielle. How do you think she fare as the HoH for the week? What can you say about her “double” personality?

Danielle won the HoH during the last HoH competition. However, it seems that it isn’t really her as the HoH since Dan talked to her on who to nominate. She nominated Frank and Wil because she was made to by Dan. He want to get rid of Frank finally because he wants the coaches in an alliance and he can’t make it when Frank is in the house.

During the PoV competition, in which Danielle, Frank, Wil, Shane, Jenn and Ian as the players, Danielle won again. It’s reasonable that the nominees will be the same, as what usually happens, when the HoH and the Veto winner are the same. But in case of Danielle, it’s not. The four former coaches had a talk and Dan decided to take on Boogie’s idea of sending Janelle home. Thus, Dan again manipulated Danielle. She removed Wil from the block and put up Janelle as the replacement. With that, it is surely that Janelle will be going home tonight.

Also, there is an alliance between between the three coaches including Shane, Danielle and Frank. But how long will it last?

Anyway, do you think there’s a slight chance that Janelle will stay in the game?

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Update: Janelle has been voted off! Frank is the new HoH!


Boogie evicts Janelle

Jenn evicts Janelle

Joe evicts Frank

Wil evicts Janelle

Ashley evicts Janelle

Britney evicts Janelle

Shane evicts Janelle

Dan evicts Janelle

Ian evicts Janelle


HOH COMPETITION – “Knock-out” Battle of the Bands

Wil vs Jenn – Wil wins

Boogie vs Joe – Boogie wins

Wil vs Ashley – Ashley wins

Britney vs Shane – Britney wins

Ian vs Ashley – Ian wins

Dan vs Britney – Britney wins

Frank vs Boogie – Frank wins

Ian vs Britney – Britney

Britney vs Frank – Frank wins!

Frank wins HoH!

4 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 9, 2012 evicted 8/9/12?

  1. Janelle & Britt were the 2 top vote getter for this season of BB, NOT Dan, or Boogie! There was no logical reason to evict Janelle tonight other, that Boogie’s Man Crush on Frank. Oh, and lets not forget Danielle’s made up issue with Janelle in her head.

    Dan, Frank, and Boogie are going to run rough shot over the BB household from here on out. Britney, Shane, Danielle, Ian, Wil, Jenn, and Ashley have all sold their souls out, and eventually willl have to pay back the piper.

  2. these new house guest are some of the dummest folks! they cant see boogie is running the game again,the other coaches are not to smart either. them all seem to not realize this is a money game. i really wanted janell to stay but now it looksa like it’s between boogie and frank…..

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