Who was voted off Big Brother July 10, 2014 evicted 7/10/14?

It’s Big Brother 16 week 2 eviction night tonight! Another houseguest will be going home. Who do you think will it be? Paola or Zach?

Things are getting interesting inside the big brother house. As a recap, Devin and Amber are the HoHs with Brittany and Paola nominated by Devin and Hayden and Nicole nominated by Amber. However, during the Battle of the Blocks, Hayden and Nicole wins so the remaining HoH was Nicole.

Devin made a deal with Paola to throw the Battle of the Block and said he’d secure her safety but that didn’t happen. He didn’t save her despite their deal as he had made a new deal with Brittany. Instead, he used the veto to take off Brittany after winning the PoV competition.Zach then replaced her as one of the nominees.

With what’s going on inside the house, Paola will surely go hom. Do you think the houseguests are doing the right move?

Again, updates will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook while waiting for it. The next houseguest who gets voted off Big Brother’s July 10, 2014 will be provided.

Update: Paola has been voted off!

Jocasta votes Zach
Brittany votes Paola
Derrick votes Paola
Donny votes Zach
Caleb votes Paola
Amber votes Paola
Hayden votes Paola
Cody votes Paola
Frankie votes Paola
Nicole votes Paola
Christine votes Paola
Victoria votes Paola


Big Brother 16 Week 2 HoH – “Underwater Polo” Scores
Amber: 17
Cody: 17
Caleb: 21
Frankie: 24
Christine: 4
Nicole: 29
Victoria: 12
Brittany: 16
Zach: 8
Donny: 20
Hayden: 17
Jocasta: 22
Derrick: 28


HoH – Nicole & Derrick 

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