Who was voted off Big Brother July 11, 2013 evicted 7/11/13?

It’s Big Brother 15 week 2 eviction show tonight! One of the three nominated house guests will be leaving the Big Brother house tonight. It sure is going to be an exciting night for everyone inside the house, as well as the viewers. Who do you think will be sent home?

As a recap of the show’s second week, Aaryn won the HoH competition and as the HoH, she nominated Elissa and Helen. Elissa is the MVP once again and as the MVP, she got to nominate another house guest and that’s Jeremy. However, things turn interesting during the PoV ceremony because Jeremy won the Veto. Of course, he saved himself. Thus, Elissa nominated Nick in place of Jeremy.

Veto players were Aaryn, Jeremy, Elissa, Helen, Amanda and Nick by the way.

Do you think Elissa nominating Nick was a good decision? She should have nominated Kaitlin, don’t you think?

I’m not sure yet how votes will turn out, but Helen is safe for sure. So it’s either Elissa or Nick. If you have been watching the live feeds, you know that Amanda, Judd, McCrae and Andy are considering to get Jessie to evict Nick and save Elissa. Helen told them that Candice is willing to get Nick out as well. It might be a bad move for Helen though as she told Candice to get Howard to vote out Nick.

Well do they really have the numbers to vote out Nick? If it’s Elissa who gets voted out, I guess it’s tough being Rachel Reilly’s sister, don’t you think? Do you like her more than her sister or neither?

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Update: Nick gets evicted tonight! Helen is the new HoH!


Jeremy votes out Elissa

Kaitlin votes out Elissa

Andy votes out Nick

GinaMarie votes out Elissa

Spencer votes out Nick

Judd votes out Nick

Jessie votes out Nick

Howard votes out Elissa

McCrae votes out Nick

Amanda votes out Nick

Candice votes out Nick


NICK – 7 votes

ELISSA – 4 votes



Helen wins the HoH Competition!

5 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother July 11, 2013 evicted 7/11/13?

  1. I really hope nick goes followed by jeremy. That would be awesome. Those 2 are so full of themselves that I want to barf every time Jeremy opens his ugly face. The 2 of them think they are Gods gift to everyone and are dictators to those in the house. Do it my way or else. What jerks. They aren’t as HOT as they think.

  2. Dont you see how more calm the house would be if that —– Elissa went home. Nick shoulda stayed. Why are you takin the wrong side. Look at how elissa and them feel Like they are the bosses.

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