Who was voted off Big Brother July 14, 2011 evicted 7/14/11?

Big Brother July 14, 2011 is eviction night week 1. Duos Keith & Porsche have been nominated by Rachel and one of them has to go while the other gets the golden key, having a spot in the top 10. Who among the nominees will be leaving the house> Who gets voted out of Big Brother 7/14/11 eviction?

Brendon & Rachel won the Veto competition and they didn’t use it. Thus Keith & Porsche remains the nominees. So Keith thinks Porsche will be leaving and vice versa. But we all know the veterans are deciding to keep Porsche and vote out Keith. They also did their best to make some of the house guests into their side. The highlight the past week btw is Evel Dick’s departure. Do you miss him at the show?

HoH competition might be up next after the live show. Who will be the next HoH?

Updates during the show will be provided. Find out who was voted off Big Brother July 14, 2011 results here.

Update: Keith got evicted; Porsche got the golden key; Jeff Jordan is the new HoH; (sorry about this, we know it’s Jordan but our hands typed Jeff)

Recaps of the past week are shown

Dominic voted Porsche

Brendon voted Keith

Jordan voted Keith

Cassi voted Porsche

Lawon voted Porsche

Jeff voted Keith

Daniele voted Keith

Adam voted Porsche

Kalia voted Keith

Shelly voted Keith


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