Who was voted off Big Brother July 15, 2010 7/15/10?

The first Big Brother 12 eviction night is this July 15, 2010.  Who will be the first to get voted off by his or her fellow House Guests?  If you are watching the live feeds, then most likely, you have an idea who is in danger of being eliminated on Big Brother 7/15/10.

In the Big Brother 12 week 1 nominations night shown on CBS, Hayden nominated Brendon and Rachel.  But due to Brendon winning the PoV, he saved himself so there should be a replacement nomination.  Will all the alliances that is happening inside the House, Annie is in danger of being the first evictee since everyone doesn’t trust her.  Thus, she tries to work on Hayden since she does not want to go home, telling that she is not in alliance with Brendon and Rachel and so on.

If we are going to based on what is happening by watching the feeds, Annie could be voted off but a lot can happen and it will only be on Thursday night before we find out the results.

Please bookmark this page since we will update this post for the live updates on what is happening on Thursday night during the first eviction night.  Find out who was voted off Big Brother July 15, 2010 here.

Updates:  Annie is evicted having a voted of 10-0!  Rachel won HoH!

The voting is about to begin in the next minutes

The Big Brother 12 saboteur is revealed.  It’s Annie!  She’s good being one, isn’t she?

Voting begins!

Monet voted Annie!

Andrew voted Annie!

Lane voted Annie!

Kathy voted Annie!

Kristen voted Annie!

Brendon voted Annie!

Ragan voted Annie!

Enzo voted Annie!

Matt voted Annie!

Britney voted Annie!

Annie will leave the house tonight!  No more saboteur then?

HoH competition is up next.  Hayden is not eligible to compete

Britney, Rachel, Monet for the tie breaker – question is how many gallons of caramel is used.  Rachel estimated 80 and she won the HoH!

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