Who was voted off Big Brother July 16, 2015 evicted 7/16/15?

And so it’s another Big Brother 17 weekly eviction night! One of the two nominated houseguests was sent home.

But first, here’s the recap from last week. Some houseguests wanted Audrey out, but Vanessa and the others thought against it and decided to align with her.

Vanessa put James and John as the nominees while Jason and Meg was nominated by Austin. However, during the battle of the block, Jason and Meg won, dethroning Austin as the HoH.

Jeff started campaigning but seemed that his effort was futile. Most of the houseguests voted for him to be evicted.

Here are the votes:

Jackie votes to evict James

Austin votes to evict Jeff

John votes to evict James

Meg votes to evict Jeff

Clay votes to evict Jeff

Shelli votes to evict Jeff

Steve votes to evict James

Liz votes to evict James

Jason votes to evict Jeff

Becky votes to evict Jeff

Audrey votes to evict Jeff

** Jeff was evicted!


He shouldn’t have trusted Austin.


HoH Competition – houseguests watched a 90s dance routine and answered questions about it.

Liz and Shelli won HoH.


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  1. Hi, I am not happy with Big Brother this year because the cast seems kind of cruel and there is a definite negativity in the house. I really liked the group last year….especially Derrick

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