Who was voted off Big Brother July 17, 2014 evicted 7/17/14?

Big Brother 16 airs tonight! The much awaited eviction night will be live as we find out who will the houseguests vote to get evicted. Will it be Caleb, or Devin?

As a recap of week 3’s latest happenings, Nicole and Derrick won the HoH competition. Nicole nominated Amber and Donny while Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta. Amber and Donny were taken off the block after winning the Battle of the Blocks competition, Nicole was removed as the HoH. Caleb and Jocasta remained as nominees.

During the veto competition, Donny won. He used the veto and saved Jocasta during the veto ceremony. Derrick nominated Devin to take her place.

Devin is the target by the way but Caleb might be able to save himself, don’t you think?

Anyway, updates will be provided, as always. For the meantime, follow this blog on Twitter, or join us on Facebook for the latest results. Fine out who gets voted off Big Brother’s July 17, 2014, plus the results of the HoH competition will also be posted.

Update: Devin gets voted off!

– Jocasta evicts Devin
– Donny evicts Devin
– Nicole evicts Devin
– Hayden evicts Devin
– Zach evicts Devin
– Cody evicts Devin
– Victoria evicts Devin
– Frankie evicts Devin
– Amber evicts Devin
– Christine evicts Devin
– Brittany evicts Devin


BIG BROTHER WEEK 4 HoH Competition – Deviled Eggs

Winners and new HoHs: Frankie and Cody

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