Who was voted off Big Brother July 18, 2013 evicted 7/18/13?

Another eviction show airs tonight on Big Brother season 15. Again, one of the three nominated house guests will be out of the Big Brother house. Will it be Aaryn, Jeremy or Spencer? Who do you want to be evicted?

For the third week this season, Helen was the head of household. She nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin while the MVP, who’s Elissa for the third straight time, nominated Spencer.

For the power of veto competition, the players were Aaryn, Kaitlin, Helen, Spencer, GinaMarie and Candice while Judd hosted the competition. This week’s veto competition winner was Kaitlin. Thus, she used the veto on herself so that she’ll be out of the block. The replacement nominee was Jeremy.

With the nominees in place, the house guests are planning to vote out Jeremy while some of the girls are going to vote out Spencer. Who’s going to vote for Jeremy and who’s going to vote for Spencer?

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Update: Jeremy has been voted out! Judd wins HoH!



Candice votes out Jeremy

Andy votes out Jeremy

Howard votes out Jeremy

Elissa votes out Jeremy

Kaitlin votes out Spencer

GinaMarie votes out Jeremy

Amanda votes out Jeremy

McCrae votes out Jeremy

Jessie votes out Jeremy

Judd votes out Jeremy


HOH COMPETITION – Big Brother Royalty

1 – Everyone gets it right

2 – Andy, Amanda, Candice, & Elissa were eliminated

3 – Everyone gets it right

4 – Aaryn, GinaMarie, & Jessie were eliminated

5 – Howard & Spencer were eliminated

6 – Judd vs Kaitlin vs McCrae

HoH winner – Judd

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