Who was voted off Big Brother July 19, 2012 evicted 7/19/12?

It’s eviction night tonight on Big Brother 14, which airs from 9pm to 10pm ET. Frank and Kara have been nominated by Willie, who was appointed as the HoH by Britney. Who do you think will be leaving the house tonight? Will it be Frank or Kara?

Shane won the Veto competition but he didn’t use it. Thus, Frank and Kara remain as nominees and the house guests seem to be divided on who to vote out. Only a week has passed since the show’s season premiere, but it seems as if a lot has happened already. The first week has been stressful after Willie was given the HoH by Britney. Some of the highlights this week include Britney and Janelle having an alliance ad making a pact that they would not nominate each other until they were the only ones left. Also, Willie and Frank had a fight when Willie confronted Frank of telling lies that Willie mocked Wil of being gay. Willie also called for a house meeting without the veterans as he wanted all of them to revolt against the coaches after Britney told him the possible scenario of the coaches coming into the game.

Anyway, as of today, some of the house guests, can’t decide on who to keep. Ashley and Wil decide they will keep Frank. But after a few hours, Wil wants to vote Kara out. Again, after a few hours, Ashley wants to keep Kara. She is planning to lie about her vote. But will her team be fooled, if ever? Janelle tells the team that if any from the team flips, it would be Ashley. Who do you think will she vote?

Meanwhile, on Dan’s team, he is telling Danielle to throw the HoH competition. Will Danielle follow Dan?

Who do you think will be leaving the house tonight? The HoH competition follows and might take hours to finish. Who will be the next HoH?

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Update: Kara has been voted out! Frank is the new HoH!


Danielle voted out Frank

Shane voted out Frank

Joe voted out Kara

Ian voted out Kara

JoJo voted out Frank

Jenn voted out Kara

Wil voted out Kara

Ashley voted out Kara


HoH COMPETITION – Big Brother Break-In

Shane was the first out!

Everyone but Wil and Frank were out!

Both Wil and Frank were right

Both get it again.

Frank wins HoH!

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