Who was voted off Big Brother July 2, 2015 evicted 7/2/15?

The first Big Brother 17 eviction night is tonight! Only a week has passed but a lot has already happened. What with the new twists and all, it was surely an exciting week and I can’t wait to find out who will be voted off tonight!

As a recap, the first head of households are James and Jason with Da’Vonne and Vanessa getting immunity for the week, along with a houseguest of their choice, which was Austin (chosen by Vanessa) and Liz (chosen by Da’Vonne).

The nominees are Becky and John (nominated by Jason) and Jacike and Steve (nominated by James).

During the Battle of the Block, Becky and John won the competition, dethroning Jason as the HoH. However, the nominees were changed, after the PoV ceremony. Steve won and of course, he used it to remove himself off the block. With this, the replacement was Jace.

Will Jace be the first houseguest to get out of the house tonight?

Results will be posted, once again, beginning tonight! Follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out which houseguest gets voted off Big Brother July 2, 2015.


Here are the votes on who to evict:

Jeff votes Jace

Da’Vone votes Jace

Jason votes Jace

Audrey votes Jackie

Steve votes Jace

Liz votes Jace

Julia votes Jace

Austin votes Jace

Meg votes Jace

John votes Jace

Clay votes Jace

Becky votes Jace

Shelli votes Jace

Vanessa votes Jace



TWIST REVEAL – Kathy Griffin says there will be a phone in the house. The 7th houseguest who will answer the phone will have the power to prevent 3 people from voting next week.


HoH Competition

– houseguests must build a billboard from retrieving a puzzle piece from a bin which is across a yard. The first one to build the billboard wins the first HoH.

WINNER – Becky


Round 2 begins and Shelli wins!


Week 2 HoH

– Becky

– Shellie

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