Who was voted off Big Brother July 21, 2011 evicted 7/21/11?

Big Brother July 21, 2011 is week 2 eviction night. Looks like a lady is going home tonight. The show is getting a lot of drama as days pass by. Someone will get the golden key once again. Who will get it? Will it be Cassi or Shelly? Who do you think gets voted out of Big Brother 7/21/11 eviction?

Jordan nominated Dominic and Adam but the duo won the PoV. As expected, they used it so Jordan nominated Cassi & Shelly during the Veto ceremony with Cassi as the target. Will it be as planned or will Cassi be able to save herself? But the past days, seems like she’s not showing effort to save herself. So there’s the slightest chance she will stay. What do you think?

Anyway, find out the latest happenings during the show tonight. We’ll provide updates as always. The one who was voted off Big Brother July 21, 2011 results will be posted.

Update: Cassi was evicted; Shelly got the golden key; Rachel wins HoH;

Rachel crying because she thinks Cassi is taking it out on her for being nominated

Cassi & Shelly to plead their case

Rachel voted Cassi

Brendon voted Cassi

Jeff voted Cassi

Adam voted Cassi

Dominic voted Cassi

Dani voted Cassi

Kalia voted Cassi

Lawon voted Cassi

Porsche voted Cassi

Rachel wins HoH! Again!

5 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother July 21, 2011 evicted 7/21/11?

  1. ahah why is this google website crap so confuesing i want my anwser not what you think because i can care less kay bye:)

  2. Rachel is the biggest c*nt to ever be on this show. Cassie was right, Everyone in America hates her … she is the most hated person to ever appear on Big Brother. Jordan has no mind of her own and is just as big of a pawn as Brendon is to Rachel. Cassie could have finally put Rachel in her place but jordan woosed out . All Jordan had to do was nominate ” Brenchel” and the veteran alliance would have started to unravel. Jordan and jeff are going to have to deal with brendon and Rachel later anyway…. why not take them down now? I feel bad for Cassie. She was nice to everyone, told the truth and got voted off because she is just too f*cking HOTTTT! What a bunch of pus***s the rest of the group are to sell her out like that!

  3. This is probably the worse big brother that has ever been. Why bring players back, Rachel and Brendan are the most selfish people in the whole world, they don’t care who they hurt, she cries and gets her way. I would not want to know her at all and Brenden is just as stupid as she is, they are perfect for each other, no one else would have them.

  4. I must be in the minority. I like Racher and Brendon. However, I do agree that they deserve each other.

    I feel that Cassie was a great player and would eventually a bigger threat. I understand why she was eliminated.

  5. I should have proof read better. I meant to say, that Cassie would eventually become a much bigger threat.

    The players also need to keep an eye on Lawon and Kailua. They are keeping a very low key.

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