Who was voted off Big Brother July 22, 2010 7/22/10?

One will be going home in the second Big Brother 12 eviction night on Thursday, July 22, 2010.  Who among the nominated House Guests will be voted out by the rest of the hamsters to be eliminated on Big Brother 7/22/10?

As we have known in the Big Brother week 2 nominations, Rachel nominated Britney and Monet and the two were screwed up for being nominated.  However, things won’t make it easy for Rachel since Britney won the PoV competition and it is for sure that she will save herself.  Matt and Andrew offered themselves to be a pawn but it was hard for Rachel to decide who will she choose between them since she knows Matt could not be trusted and if she choose Andrew, he might go home.

The PoV ceremony happened and Britney saved herself so there should be a replacement nominee.  Rachel nominated Matt. With this, it will be for sure that Monet will be evicted.  By the way, the girl said she would walk out the house if she wouldn’t lose her ten thousand.

So the nominees for eviction now are Monet and Matt.  Will things make a lot of turn and have the unexpected happen? Please be back here on Thursday night to find out the results of the eviction night.  Live updates will be posted here during the results show for you guys to find out who was voted off Big Brother July 22, 2010.

Updates: Monet is evicted! Matt won HoH!

House Guests are about to vote next!

Monet giving her speech

Matt giving his speech

Andrew voted out Monet!

Enzo voted out Monet!

Britney voted out Matt!

Kathy voted out Matt!

Hayden voted out Monet!

Kristen voted out Monet!

Ragan voted out Monet!

Brendon voted out Monet!

Lane voted out Monet!

Monet leaves the Big Brother House

HoH competition up next!

Hang 10 – the last person standing on their surf board will be the new HoH.  The first 5 guests to fall off board will be the HAVE for the week.

No results yet since it’s an endurance test.

Lane, Kathy, Kristen dropped!

Hayden, Britney dropped!

Enzo dropped, followed by Brendon after a few minutes!

Andrew also dropped!

Ragan dropped, so Matt won!

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