Who was voted off Big Brother July 23, 2015 evicted 7/23/15?

One of the houseguests got evicted tonight on Big Brother 17!  The nominees are Audrey and John. It’s a bit obvious who’s the target here, isn’t it? Did Audrey convince anyone to not vote her for eviction?

Audrey isolated herself in the have-not room and didn’t talk to anyone. Everyone thought she would quite but she didn’t.

Anyway, here’s the voting history.


Clay votes to evict Audrey

James votes to evict Audrey

Austin votes to evict Audrey

Jason votes to evict Audrey

Vanessa votes to evict Audrey

Becky votes to evict Audrey

Jackie votes to evict Audrey

Steve votes to evict Audrey

Julia votes to evict Audrey

Meg votes to evict Audrey


Audrey got evicted!


HoH Competition – “Pop Till You Drop”

– Jason vs Steve – Jason wins

– Liz vs Vanessa – Vanessa wins

– Jackie vs Meg – Jackie wins

– Austin vs James – James wins

– Vanessa vs Clay – Vanessa wins

– James vs Jackie – Jackie wins (1st HoH)

– Vanessa vs Jason – Vanessa wins (2nd HoH)


Jackie and Vanessa wins HoH!



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