Who was voted off Big Brother July 26, 2012 evicted 7/26/12?

It’s Big Brother season 14’s second eviction tonight. This has been the second week that a contestant got out of the house even before the actual eviction night. Last week, Jodi has been eliminated at the season premiere, followed by Kara during the first eviction night. This week, Willie was removed from the house but the house guests were told that the eviction will still happen. With Danielle and JoJo on the block, who do you think will be leaving the house?

Shane won the veto competition once again and this time, he used it to save himself. Thus, Frank put Danielle as the replacement nominee.

Alliances are being formed, but looks like Ashley is playing both sides. She told Britney, Shane and JoJo that she no longer trusted Janelle and that she would only trust them. She promised them that she would vote out Danielle and keep JoJo instead. After that, when she was with Danielle, she told her she would keep her and wouldn’t vote for her.

Dan told Danielle to avoid talking too much about votes and it might be clear this week that JoJo might be going home. Janelle also predicted that JoJo will be going home. Is she correct? Who are you predicting to be evicted tonight?

Dan will be without a player if Danielle gets voted out. What will happen then? Meanwhile, the house guests are talking that the next coach to win the coach’s competition can bring back one evicted house guest. Will it happen?

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Update: JoJo gets voted off! Shane wins HoH!


– Ian telling Danielle about what JoJo and Shane talked about – a possible showmance

– Danielle told Janelle that she got flipped by Shane

– Britney tells JoJo that she’s possibly going home and to help JoJo stay, Britney do the talking. But will she be successful?

– Dr. Will tells Janelle is a phenomenal competitor but questions her strategy. He says Britney is doing a horrible job, Mike “Boogie” is doing a good job while Dan is like Ryan Seacrest’s son. He thinks Ian is going to win this game.



Wil votes JoJo

Joe votes JoJo

Ashley votes JoJo

Shane votes Danielle

Ian votes JoJo

Jen votes JoJo


HoH COMPETITION – On thin ice

Ashley – 4

Wil – 2

Ian – 9

Joe – 3

Shane – 20

Danielle – 12

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  1. Mehhhh….This show has “lost” its MoJo! viewership is way down this year cuz CBS keeps bringing back the “Oldies, but Goodies.”

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