Who was voted off Big Brother July 28, 2011 evicted 7/28/11?

Big Brother July 28, 2011 eviction night tonight. If you have subscribed to the live feeds, then you know the drama that has been happening. It’s also clear who will be going out of the house between Adam and Dominic. But the actual results will be revealed tonight live. Who gets voted out of Big Brother 7/28/11 eviction results?

Rachel nominated Adam and Dominic and there were no changes to the nominees since Brendon won the Veto competition and they didn’t use it. Most likely Dominic will be sent home which makes Dani mad at Rachel. The vets also discovered Dani’s plan. That’s not all, there was a huge house fight between Kalia, Jeff, Dani Rachel, Dominic and Shelly. It’s getting pretty exciting and we can’t wait for the results tonight.

After the voting is the HoH competition again. Who will be the next HoH? Will it be the vets again? Updates on it will be provided together with who was voted off Big Brother July 28, 2011 results.

Update: Dominic was voted off; Daniele wins HoH;

Jeff voted Dominic

Jordan voted Dominic

Kalia voted Dominic

Danielle voted Adam

Brendon voted Dominic

Shelly voted Dominic

Lawon voted Dominic

Porsche voted Dominic

HoH Endurance competition up next

– Brendon – a have not

– Adam – must wear an elf suit

– All the vets except Dani are out

7 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother July 28, 2011 evicted 7/28/11?

  1. I hope Dom goes he’s playing too hard too fast. He’s trying to work the house and the people that try to do that always get off easy. I like Dani but I think she’s trying to impress Dom so she’s doing what he’s doing and it’s just getting her in trouble. GO JEFF AND JORDAN!

  2. Daniele wins HOH. Oh, this is delicious. I hoep she puts Rachel and Brendon on the block. Then, if either wins POV, they will only take themselves off the block … this will be so much fun to watch … Daniele’s revenge!

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