Who was voted off Big Brother July 29, 2010 evicted 7/29/10?

It will be another eviction night on Big Brother 12 on July 29, 2010.  Who will be the third hamster that will be voted out by the rest and be eliminated on Big Brother 7/29/10?  Who do you want to go home on Thursday?

With Matt as the new HoH, he nominated Andrew and Kathy for eviction as expected during his talk with The Brigade and other hamsters.  However, the plan to backdoor Brendon didn’t happen since the guy won PoV again.

Meanwhile, now on the block, Kathy made up some stories about Rachel to Kristen, to which the girl seems to buy since she now wants Rachel out next week.  Kathy is doing this to stay in the Big Brother House to make it to the jury house, trying to get everyone’s pity by telling her life story as well.  Will she be successful and stay in the house this week by having Andrew voted out?

With Brendon winning the PoV, he didn’t use it to save one of the nominees so it’s still either Andrew or Kathy that will be evicted on Thursday night.  Who do you think will be voted out by the hamsters? As always, live updates will be here during the show.  Find out who was voted off Big Brother July 29, 2010.

Updates:  Andrew is evicted! Rachel won HoH!

The show is on!

Andrew making a speech about Hayden and Kristen!

Kristen voted out Andrew!

Rachel voted out Andrew!

Britney voted out Andrew!

Enzo voted out Andrew!

Brendon voted out Andrew!

Lane voted out Andrew!

Hayden voted out Andrew!

Ragan voted out Andrew!

Andrew is eliminated!

HoH competition time! It’s Big Brother Knock-out challenge

Rachel is the Hoh again!

A saboteur will return! The House Guest that will get the most votes will be asked if he or she wants to be a saboteur!

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