Who was voted off Big Brother July 3, 2013 evicted 7/3/13?

It’s the first Big Brother 15 live eviction show tonight! Are you excited to find out who’s going to be the first evictee this season? It’s just the first week but a lot has happened already and I think this season is going to be controversial like before.

McCrae was the first house guest to win the HoH competition and as the HoH, he nominated Candice and David. Meanwhile, there’s this MVP thing and the winner was Elissa. As the MVP, she gets to nominate another house guest. Thus, she nominated David.

Elissa revealed to McCrae that she’s the MVP and tried to make a deal with McCrae. However, McCrae wasn’t a good liar and can’t keep things to himself. He planned to throw the veto competition but he still won. He said he need to nominate Elissa so that the house will be happy but not happy that he may need to send a friend home.

How will Elissa save herself? Is there a chance for her to stay in the game? Or will it really be David who’s going home? Most likely it’s him, but anything can happen and he might be safe for another week. For sure, Aaryn will be very happy, if ever that happens.

By the way, schedule will change beginning next week. It’s back to Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for Big Brother 15. Nomination shows will be on Sundays, Veto shows will be on Wednesdays and live eviction shows on Thursday.

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Update: David gets voted off! Aaryn is the new HoH!


Amanda votes David

Aary votes Elissa

Nick votes David

Candice votes Elissa

Spencer votes David

Kaitlin votes Elissa

Helen votes David

Howard votes David

GinaMarie votes Elissa

Judd votes David

Jeremy votes Elissa

Andy votes David



The pairs are:

Spencer & Helen

Candice & GinaMarie

Andy & Elissa

Amanda & Kaitlin

Judd & Nick

Jeremy & Aaryn

Jessie & Howard


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