Who was voted off Big Brother July 3, 2014 evicted 7/3/14?

It’s the first Big Brother 16 eviction night happens tonight! Are you excited to find out who will be the first evicted houseguest?

This week’s HoH are Frankie and Caleb. As HoH, Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria while Caleb nominated Donny and Paola. After Battle of the Block, Frankie got dethroned since Brittany and Victoria won. Thus, leaving Donny and Paola as the nominees.

However, during the PoV competition, Donny won the power of veto. With this, during the PoV ceremony, Donny removed himself from the block so Caleb has to replace him with Joey.

Will Joey go home tonight as she’s the target? Or houseguest will change their mind and vote for Paola instead?

How do you find the show so far?

Anyway, updates will be provided here. Follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook while waiting for the results. Who gets voted off Big Brother July 3, 2014? Results will be posted.

Update: Joey got voted off Big Brother!


Devin votes Joey

Derrick votes Joey

Frankie votes Joey

Cody votes Joey

Zach votes Joey

Brittany votes Joey

Nicole votes Joey

Christine votes Joey

Victoria votes Joey

Jocasta votes Joey

Hayden votes Joey

Amber votes Joey

Donny votes Joey


** There will be two Team American members voted this week since Joey is gone

– Donny is now the first member


HoH 1 Competition – women

– winner is Amber


HoH 2 Competition – men

– winner is Cody


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