Who was voted off Big Brother September 1, 2011 evicted 9/1/11?

Big Brother September 1, 2011 eviction night results will have the final five left after one among the final six leaves the house to join Brendon, Danielle and Jeff. We are not going to be surprised on who’s going after what happened last week stay inside the house for another week. We are sure who gets voted out of Big Brother 9/1/11 eviction results tonight.

If we are not going to be mistaken, Shelley will be leaving and many agree. Rachel and Jordan control who will stay and based from what Shelly did to Jeff, she will be voted out by Jordan and Rachel. Even if she has offered a lot, throwing the next competition, voting who they want her to vote next time, there’s a very little chance of her to stay, if there’s any.

What we are excited to find out next is who will be the next HoH. But before that, it’s time to know who was voted off Big Brother September 1, 2011 results. It will be here as always.

Update: Shelly is voted off; Rachel is the new HoH!;

Flashbacks show Jeff throwing out the clown shoe during the PoV competition which got him evicted.

Voting time!

Kalia voted Adam

Rachel voted Shelly

Jordan voted Shelly

HoH competition – donut competition

So far Rachel has the lead, Adam second.

As of 7:10PM PST – No winner yet

24 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother September 1, 2011 evicted 9/1/11?

  1. Jordon already won and shouldn’t be there, if she didn’t invest wisely, that is her problem, she may have bought her mom a house and even herself but she shouldn’t be broke already

  2. I didn’t like Rachel in the beginning but I think that she plays the game the hardest and should win it in the end. Most of the rest are floaters although I think Jordan is smarter than some give her credit. She may not win challenges but she is good at thinking ahead. How each decision will affect the future outcome.

  3. hated Rachel in the beginning but now iI truly believe she is the ONLY one in that house of floaters who deserves to win. don’t get me wrong I could never chill or be friends with that skank but she does know how to play the game…..

  4. OK, here is what needs to happen. Rachel needs to join up with Kahlia and Porshe secretly. Adam needs to go first and then let one of those two girls put Jordan up for eviction. Jordon goes with no blood on Rachels hands and Rachel has all the votes from the Jury, duh. Otherwise Jordan will win all the jury votes. Rachel’s only hope is to let Jordan go but only at somebody elses doing.

  5. What’s in it for Kalia and Porsche?
    Better plan is for Rachel and Jordan to take Adam to the final three.
    If it comes down to either of them against Adam they win since he has no game.
    If it gets down to Rachel and Jordan it’ll be game vs popularity.

    BTW saying Jordan shouldn’t win because she won before is like saying the Yankees should never win another World Series.

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