Who was voted off Big Brother September 11, 2013 evicted 9/11/13?

It’s the week before Big Brother 15 season finale! And yes, tonight, we’ll find out who gets evicted as events get a fast-forward. The eviction happened yesterday but we’ll only find out the results tonight.

Only five houseguests remain, but after the eviction, it will be down to the final four. Andy, Sencer, GinaMarie, McCrae and Judd – will the only girl be evicted?

This week’s HoH is Spencer. He nominated GinaMarie and McCrae for eviction but McCrae won the veto competition. Thus, he used it to save himself and the replacement nominee was Judd.

The houseguests who can vote are Andy and McCrae. In case of a tie, Spencer will vote as well and he does not want that to happen.

Based from the what we are seeing at the live feeds, looks like Judd will be the one to go. But anything can happen and GinaMarie might become one of the jury members as well. What do you think? Will she really be in the final 2?

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Update; Judd got evicted! Andy wins HoH!


Andy votes Judd

McCrae vvotes Judd



Andy wins HoH!


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