Who was voted off Big Brother September 13, 2012 evicted 9/13/12?

Tonight’s episode is one of the most exciting one this season in Big Brother. There are four remaining house guests – Danielle, Ian, Shane and Dan but tonight, it will be down to the final three. Who do you think will become one of the jury members after tonight?

A lot has happened for the past days inside the Big Brother house. Last night was even an eviction episode where Jenn was the one who was voted out (I’m sorry that I totally missed posting about it) and Danielle is the new HoH. Viewers were left hanging on who are the nominees but with many spoilers around the web available and with the live feeds of course, it’s not hard to find that Ian and Dan are on the block. Guess who also won the power of veto? It’s Danielle and the veto ceremony will be shown tonight. Do you think she will still change her mind and put Shane remove Dan on the block? Will the nominations remain the same? Who will have the power to evict?

There are speculations that since Danielle won’t tell Shane her plans during the veto ceremony, it’s most likely that she will replace Dan with Shane. If that happens, Shane will be the one to leave. If the nominations are the same, Ian will surely be the one to go to the jury house. What do you think? What will be Danielle’s decision? Will she do something shocking and replace Ian with Shane instead? Whatever happens, Dan surely have a spot in the final three. The question is, who will get the third spot?

After the veto and eviction ceremony is the start of the three-part HoH competition. Like in the past seasons, the first two house guests to win in two rounds will face of in the third round. The first round of the HoH competition is an endurance competition. Who will win the first round?

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Veto winner – Danielle

Nominees after veto ceremony

– Shane

– Ian


Eviction Results

– Dan evicts Shane



– Dan

– Danielle

– Ian


HoH Competition Round 1

– Dan wins round 1!

5 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother September 13, 2012 evicted 9/13/12?

  1. Wow!!! Stunner! I can’t believe Ian is still in the game. Thanks Dan for keeping Ian. Now I hope Ian makes it to the final 2 and then wins this whole thing. Good luck Ian!!

  2. Thrilled Dan has made it thru!! It’s amazing how he thinks on his feet so quickly to changes and gets players to make decisions that are in his best interest. If he stays on he deserves to walk away with the prize once again!

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