Who was voted off Big Brother September 2 2010 evicted 9/2/10?

Big Brother September 2, 2010 eviction night is here once again. The reality series is now on its week 8 this season. Only five remains, but after the house guests have voted, only four will remain. We are already sure who gets voted out of Big Brother 9/2/10, right?

I’m sure all of you know already that Lane is the HoH and he nominated Ragan and Enzo during pre-veto competition. However, Enzo won the PoV. Thus, he used it to save himself and the replacement nominee is Hayden. For sure, both Ragan and Hayden will get vote out each so Lane’s vote will decide who gets kicked off. We are very sure that he will keep Hayden and vote out Ragan.

Do you agree with us? Anyway, let’s find out if that will really happen. Please bookmark this page since we’ll update this post for you to know who was voted off Big Brother September 2, 2010 results.

Updates: Show is now on-going Ragan is evicted; Hayden is the new HoH;

House Guests were interviewed

Jury house being shown

Matt confessing lying about his wife’s illness

Enzo voted out Ragan

Britney voted out Ragan

HoH competition

Big Brother Christmas Competition – the first to decorate the Christmas Tree and place the star is the new HoH

Hayden won HoH

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