Who was voted off Big Brother September 6, 2012 evicted 9/6/12?

It’s double eviction night once again in Big Brother tonight. Two of the house guests will go to the jury house after tonight. Who do you think will these house guests be?

Ian is the head of household and nominated Frank and Jenn at first. However, during the power of veto competition in which all of the house guests played except for Shane, who hosted it, Dan won. As expected Dan saved Jenn and used the veto on her. Thus, Ian had to put up Joe as the replacement nominee. Did you think Dan was really in alliance with Frank and would save him? His plan was to get him out this week. Thus, Frank will become one of the jury members tonight even if he feels he’s pretty safe. But, the question is, who will be the other house guest to join him and the other juries? Could it be Joe?

Who will win the HoH competition? Will it be Shane again, or Dan this time? Dan seems to be in alliance with everyone, so he’s safe for the next eliminations, unless the house guests find out his plan.

Anyway, tonight is one of the most exciting night inside the house. There’s going to be two HoH competitions, two evictions, a nomination, a PoV competition and a PoV ceremony,

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Update: Frank was eliminated! Joe was eliminated! Ian is the new HoH!

Dan – Frank
Danielle – Frank
Jenn – Joe
Shane – Frank


HOH COMPETITION – “Make Your Case”
Only Jen is right
Jenn, Dan and Danielle are right
All except Jen get it
Jenn, Dan and Danielle are right
Jenn, Dan and Danielle are right
Jenn, Dan and Danielle are right
No one is right
Tie Breaker – Dan is right
Dan wins HoH!


HOH NOMINATIONS – The nominees are:
– Ian
– Joe


POWER OF VETO COMPETITION – “Swimming with Sharks”

– Ian wins PoV



– Ian uses veto

– Danielle is the replacement nominee


Shane – Joe
Jenn – Joe
Ian – Joe



– Ian

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  1. I don’t like when HG on BB swear on the Bible, wife, or children to keep their word in the game to another player. Then turn around and renege on their promise…imho

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