Who was voted off Big Brother September 7, 2011 evicted 9/7/11?

Big Brother September 7, 2011 on CBS will be airing the eviction night results. Only two more episodes left before the final episode. Four house guests left after tonight’s show. Who between Porsche and Kalia will be going to the jury house? The one who gets voted out of Big Brother 9/7/11 eviction results will be provided here.

Adam didn’t use the PoV to save Kalia or Porsche so Kalia will be the one to join Brendon, Shelly, Jeff and Daniele we are so sure about it. So after this, two veterans and two newbies will be left. The interesting part will be who’s the next HoH? The competition might be shown. Who will win it? Will it be Jordan or Porsche?

Anyway, live updates will be provided here as always. Check back tonight to find out the final four and the one who was voted off Big Brother September 7, 2011 results.

Update: Kalia gets voted off; Adam wins HoH; Porsche wins PoV;

Voting begins

Jordan voted off Porsche

Adam voted off Kalia

Rachel has to break the tie – voting Kalia

HoH competition!

34 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother September 7, 2011 evicted 9/7/11?

  1. porsche has to win hoh i think she is a strong player because mostlly every competition they played she always comes in second and adam and rachel should both be on the block

  2. thank god they kept porsche because i completely agree because kalia is a bigger competition then porsche because kalia won more hoh then porsche did

  3. Porsche will leave tomorrow. No doubt the rumor is that Jordan will get off block rachael and Porsche non Jordan votes off Porsche. That will be wonderful.

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