Who was voted off Big Brother September 8, 2011 evicted 9/8/11?

Big Brother September 8, 2011 is the second eviction night this week. No show on Sunday due to 9/11 special so we’ll find out who will be the final three in tonight’s episode. It’s a bit clear that Jordan could be the next who gets voted out of Big Brother 9/8/11 eviction results, depending on Porsche’s decision.

Adam is the HoH, nominating Porsche and Jordan. However, Porsche wins PoV so her spot in the final three is secured. Rachel will replace her but the fate of the last person in the finale next week depends on Porsche. She gets to choose who to evict and based on the live feeds, she said Jordan won two years ago so it’s better for her to get evicted. So most likely it’s Jordan.

The Veto competition and ceremony will be shown tonight before Porsche gets to vote. We’ll provide live updates as always. Find out who the final three, the house guest who was voted off Big Brother September 8, 2011 results and who the next HoH is.

Update: Jordan gets voted off; Rachel won HoH part 1. She will compete with either Adam or Porsche in round 3;

Update as of 9/11/11 – Porsche won round 2. It’s her and Rachel for round 3. It’s also a done deal for the final two – Rachel and Porsche. Well, there’s still a few days left and it could change.

Show on-going, flashbacks from last night

Veto competition shown where Porsche won

Voting next!

Porsche decided to evict Jordan

Final HoH next

Part 1 – Big Brother mixer, the last one standing wins

Adam now off, it’s now between Rachel and Porsche

Big Brother’s next airing will be on September 14th, the finale.

22 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother September 8, 2011 evicted 9/8/11?

  1. thank god porsche won the pov she was my girl from the beginning i knew she won the pov and thank god one of the veterans will leave but porsche will be the only one casting the vote and she should take out rachel because shes stronger and so in the final 3 anyone could win the hoh if she doesnt take rachel she would porbably win the final hoh

  2. Agree with you that Porsche should take out Rachel as she is as strong or stronger than Rachel. Yet I don’t like Porsche so would like her to get taken out next time.

  3. yea but im goin for porsche 100 percent i also like jordan but i think she might get evicted i would want adam to leave next and i want the final 2 to be jordan and porsche

  4. Rachel all the way! She deserves to win, shes fought the most out of the three, but I think I would take Adam with me to the final two bc he is a floater and he has done nothing so no one will vote for him to win!

  5. Rachel better win this. She is the ONLY player that has whooped serious ass this season. Porsche MUST get out and not make it to the final 3. She keeps saying she is the “biggest competitor” in the house. IS THAT A JOKE?! You’re a joke Porsche. I’ve hated you since day one. She is queen floater and adam is king but at least Adam isn’t obnoxious as hell. GO RACHEL you deserve it girl! If Porsche won big brother, I would never watch this show again.

  6. What does being obnoxious have to do with it? Rachel is a total head case but she is the best player.
    Smart move for rachel or Porsche is to bring Adam to the end. He is the ultimate floater.

  7. Can anyone tell by the live feeds if round 2 of the competition has been done and who won? Or are round 2 and 3 going to be done live? I would think we should know a little more now as the final 2 get to spend 1 nite alone in the house before the finale which is Wednesday and there is no show tonight. Thanks

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