Who was voted out Survivor April 10, 2013 Results 4/10/13

Showmance isn’t new in reality shows, and seeing it in Survivor isn’t something unusual. Tonight, we’ll be able to see a blossoming showmance between a returning player and a new one. Is it just a strategy to get an alliance?

The merge happened last week, so all the remaining favorites and all the remaining fans were combined into one team and tonight, chaos will happen as the confused castaways are undecided whether to vote out an easy target or blindside a big threat. What will the majority decide at the tribal council?

Meanwhile, one of the castaways will discover a secret that might change the game. What could this secret be?

Plus, one of the highlights of the episode tonight is about a blossoming showmance between Eddie and Andrea. If you have seen the preview, you’ll see what Andrea and Eddie are thinking about each other. It’s most likely a strategy for Andrea and same goes with Eddie. How will this showmance last? Most probably until one of them gets voted off, but who’s going to blindside who?

For the one to go tonight, there are speculations that it will be Michael. Many say he’s the easy target, but if it’s going to be a blind side, it’s either Malcolm or Phillip. How about you? What do you think?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for Survivor Caramoan updates. Who among the remaining players gets voted off Survivor Caramoan 4/10/13? As always, results will be provided here.

Update: Michael gets voted out, becoming the first member of the jury!

REWARD CHALLENGE – players are divided into two teams of five member each. Then, one member of each team will act as the defender while the others leap off a platform throwing a ball past the defender and into the net.

Purple team – Erik, Reynold, Eddie and Cochran with Michael as the defender

Orange team – Dawn, Phillip, Andrea, Brenda with Malcolm as the defender

Winner – Purple team. Their reward is rappelling down a waterfall for a picnic lunch.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players are tested their breathing skills as they are under a grate, partially underwater. They will wait for the tide to rise and the last man/woman standing wins immunity.

Winner – Brenda



Michael – 7 votes

Andrea – 3 votes

Reynold – 1 vote


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  1. From the previews Malcolm was taking to Dawn like Corrine did and it was one of Corrines downfall, other than her big mouth. I’m still hoping it will not be Malcolm.

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