Who was voted out Survivor April 11, 2012 Results 4/11/12

Another blindside might happen tonight on Survivor One World’s April 11, 2012 episode. There are eleven remaining castaways, five men and six women. Will the women be able to get rid of the men one by one? Who will get voted out on Suvivor One World episode 9?

Kim made a move to send Mike home and her plan to blindside him worked. So it looks like the women will be in control of the game tonight. However, the men for sure will fight back as they realize that they are outnumbered and another blindside might be coming up. Who’s next to experience it?

“Go Out With A Bang”, there’s another rumor of a hidden immunity idol and it will send Tikiano into a tailspin as they head into Tribal Council. Meanwhile, temptation will be sweet at the immunity challenge tonight as the castaways try to win it to be safe from elimination tonight. Who will win this challenge?

Who’s going home tonight? There are many speculations over at a forum on who’s leaving. Some says it could be Christina. Some says it’s Jay while some says it could even be Kim. They say that if a guy will go home, most likely it could be Jay. But if he wins immunity challenge, it could be Troyzan. How about you? Who do you think will it be?

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Update: Jay was voted off, getting 4 votes. He becomes the third member of the jury.

Reward challenge – do-it-yourself challenge. They must toss a string connecting two balls and land them on numbered poles. The winner will get a boat ride to a secluded island and will be treated to a barbecue

Red team – Alicia, Kat, Tarzan, Troyzan and Jay

Black team – Kim, Christina, Chelsea, Sabrina and Leif

Challenge winner – Red team

Immunity challenge – endurance type. They must stand barefoot on a small wooden perch with their hards tetheredto buckets suspended above their heads.

Challenge winner – Chelsea



Troyzan uses his immunity idol since he doesn’t want to get voted out tonight.

Troyzan – 2 votes (but it doesn’t count)

Kim – 1 vote

Jay – 4 votes

Alicia – 2 votes


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