Who was voted out Survivor April 13, 2011 Results 4/13/11

Survivor Redemption Island April 13, 2011 will be full of surprises as there will be a double tribal council.  The episodes are becoming more and more interesting. Two people will sent to redemption island. Who gets voted out of Survivor 4/13/11 results? Find out here.

The castaways are going to face double tribal council which will send two people to the island. Tension arises and paranoia sets in causing one castaway to dig deep on order to prolong their life in the game. Which castaway is it?

Last week, Matt won the duel and had the chance back in the game. But he was sent back to the island after most of the tribe voted him out.

Which two castaways will be with Matt and will be their challenge? The episode is titled “The Buddy System” by the way.

Updates will be here as always. Stay tuned for who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor April 13, 2011 results.

Updates: Mike and David were voted out. Both got six votes in each tribal council. Current inhabitant are Matt, Mike, David.

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