Who was voted out Survivor April 16, 2014 Results 4/16/14

Episode 8 of Survivor Cagayan airs tonight! Only nine castaways remain and things are getting wild. Safety isn’t sure for the castaways, unless they have the immunity idol or they win the immunity challenge.

Tonight’s episode is titled “Bag of Tricks, which could be referring to a lot of backstabbing and castaways start getting rid of each other. Everyone is thinking of what their big move should be. Who will succeed and who will be kicked out of the island tonight? Tony wants to get rid of Woo. Will he be able to do so?

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Update: LJ has been voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must toss sandbags through a tunnel and bounce those into baskets.

REWARD – trip to a spa



IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – memory game. Players must repeat colored patterns.

WINNER – Tasha



LJ – 5 votes

Jeremiah – 3 votes

Spencer – 1 vote

4 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor April 16, 2014 Results 4/16/14

  1. Tony has been getting is way but this time i hope he is on the receiving side of the votes again with his team voting to get him on the jury.

  2. Every time they give massive commerical air about turning on your team mates it’s just a red herring. Someone like Jeramiha will be voted out.

  3. in away survivour is predictable they try to lead you away from whos getting voted off and also you half to look it as a whole season and whole series

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