Who was voted out Survivor April 17, 2013 Results 4/17/13

Tonight’s Survivor Caramoan episode is sure going to be intense. Pressure builds within the remaining castaways and one will reach her breaking point. Will that person be the next to be eliminated?

There’s going to be another accident on tonight’s episode and this could threaten one castaway’s future in the game. Will it be another medical evacuation or will it just be a minor incident?

Meanwhile, press release says tonight’s going to be the most shocking tribal council so far this season. Will there be a major shift between alliances? There’s going to be a huge revelation that will force an alliance to scramble and potentially turn on each other. What is this revelation?

Looks like tonight’s episode is sure going to be an exciting and interesting one. There are many speculations such that Dawn will be the second medivac, but many says it’s not her.

There are also speculations that there’s going to be a double boot and it could be Reynold and Andrea Shamar and Laura though many wants Phillip to be out of the game as well. What about you? Any predictions or speculations?

Many also thinks the idol will be played during the tribal council. Will Malcolm use it?

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Update: Phillip got voted off, becoming the second member of the jury. He got a total of three votes.

Dawn has a breakdown due to her lost retainer with some teeth in it. She said if she can’t find it, she’ll pull herself from the game. Good thing it was found.

FIRST CHALLENGE – players are divided into two teams of five. They must then run through an obstacle course, collect bags and then shoot the balls inside into a basket. Reward for the winning team is a trip to a resort for lunch.

Purple team – Reynold, Erik, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip.

Orange team – Eddie, Malcolm, Sherri, Andrea, and Brenda.

Winning team – Purple team.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must race across a platform, jump into the ocean, swim under the platform pulling themselves along a rope, grab a ring, then move it to the second post, then do it again.



Plans – 4 votes for Malcolm, 3 votes for Eddie. Then if Malcolm plays the idol, Eddie will be for revote.

Malcolm gives his other idol to Eddie!



Eddie plays his idol given by Malcolm.

Malcolm plays his idol too!



Malcolm – 2 votes (does not count)
Eddie – 4 votes (does not count)
Phillip – 3 votes

11 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor April 17, 2013 Results 4/17/13

  1. This folks is what they call a shocker, and I am certain that this episode and Malcolm will go down in Survivor history for last night’s Tribal. Every episode since the merger has been better and better, but I don’t think they will be able to top last night’s. I am horrified to think that I almost missed this episode because I had to work the late shift at DISH last night, but thankfully I was able to catch up with a recording. I love how my DISH Hopper automatically records everything on CBS during primetime, so I never miss Survivor.

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