Who was voted out Survivor April 2, 2014 Results 4/2/14

Something’s up on tonight’s Survivor Cagayan episode 6 tonight. It may be too early but the merge is about to happen. Who will become the new alliance and who might get blindsided again?

The merge will happen tonight – Solana will be head on for Aparri’s camp. Sarah see her old tribemates as the merge happens. What will happen as she faces her original team? Will she stick to her new team?

They say tonight will be the most exciting tribal council in Survivor’s History. Will Jeremiah stay for another week?

Will someone quit again like Lindsey did?

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Update: Sarah got voted off, getting a total of 6 votes.


– Kass tells Sarah she is worried about her and Jeremiah

– Treemail – the tribes merge. New name is Solarrion, a combination of the two previous tribe names

– Tony hopes Sarah is back onboard

– Sarah wants Tony out

– Tony tells Sarah he doesn’t have an idol



INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – endurance competition. Players will balance on platforms in the water.




– Tony uses his idol

– After the vote, Tony passes his idol to LJ. LJ, in turn, wants to cover Tony, turning in a second hidden immunity idol.



Jefra – 5 votes
Sarah – 6 votes

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  1. It’s mention in one sentence that Sarah is back with her old tribe. The next sentence question who will she stay with old/new. Please clarify.

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