Who was voted out Survivor April 20, 2011 Results 4/20/11

Survivor Redemption Island April 20, 2011 will be interesting as controversy sparks on the show. Someone will be accused so expect a heated argument. With three people at redemption island, what kind of challenge will happen? Who gets voted out of Survivor 4/20/11? It will be here soon.

The title of this episode is “Rice Wars”. One alliance’s food supply will get contaminated which will spawn a controversy. A heated argument at camp is about to happen which will reach until tribal council. Meanwhile, Matt, David and Mike compete to stay in the game. One of them will be the first member of the jury after this. Who do you think will it be? Who will be the next castaway to be sent to the island?

Updates will be provided here again. The castaway who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor April 20, 2011 results will be posted here.

Update: Julie was voted out getting a total of six votes; David lost the duel and was eliminated. He’s the first member of the jury.

Current Inhabitant in Redemption Island – Matt, Mike, Julie


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