Who was voted out Survivor April 23, 2014 Results 4/23/14

An all new episode of Survivor Cagayan airs tonight! It’s already episode 9 this season and there are eight castaways remaining in the island. Who will be the next member of the jury after tonight’s tribal council?

The eight remaining castaways are Tony, Jefra, Spencer, Tasha, Trish, Woo, Kass and Jeremiah. Who will win the immunity challenge tonight?

Titled “Sitting In My Spy Shack”, tonight’s Immunity Challenge is about balancing. Players will be standing on a balance beam and holding a pole, they must balance a ball atop the small plate. They must walk down the plank to a narrow section in timed interval. This challenge seems difficult! Who will win immunity?

Meanwhile, the castaways will also be receiving letters from home while Tony does his thing again and tries to find out who is against him. Will he be the one to go tonight?

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Update: Jeremiah got voted off, getting a total of 5 votes.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players must race out on the water and collect paddles to use to solve a word puzzle.

REWARD – barbeque

TEAMS – Kass, Trish, Tony and Woo vs Tasha (orange), Spencer, Jeremiah and Jefra (purple)

WINNER – purple team


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must balance on a beam while holding a ball on a platform. After 10 minutes, players move to a narrower beam and move their hands down their poles.

WINNER – Tasha



– Spencer plays his hidden immunity idol



– Woo – 3 votes

– Jeremiah – 5 votes

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