Who was voted out Survivor April 24, 2013 Results 4/24/13

It’s going to be another exciting night tonight on Survivor Caramoan. The popular food auction is back! It’s fun and exciting to watch what will be auctioned and who will get what, right?

The players are sure happy to find out about the auction that is about to happen tonight, for sure. Based from the preview, Malcolm is thinking of saving up his allotted money for a much bigger prize. But will he be able to do it?

Last season, one of the prizes is an advantage in the immunity challenge. Who will get this advantage tonight?

Meanwhile, the three amigos will try to hustle their way into control tonight. They seam unbeatable vs the alliance of six. Can the majority hang on in the game of strength and stamina? These guys will try to make a lie to control the game. Could it be that they will make a lie about having another idol? Remember, two idols have been played last week. It might be a lame idea, if ever.

There are speculations that Malcolm will be the one to go home tonight while Cochran wins immunity. If that is so, that means the immunity challenge isn’t strength based?

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Update: Malcom got voted off!


Malcolm – beers and nuts for $20

Reynold – a slice of pizza for $180

Sherri – remaining pizzas for $500

Dawn – roasted chicken for $500

Malcolm – $480 – direction to a hidden idol

Andrea – spaghetti, meatballs, bread and wine which she exchanged for a sack of rice and beans for the tribe for $280

Cochran – advantage in the immunity challenge for $340

Brenda – pig brain for $300

Everyone except Malcolm, Sherri and Dawn got the letters from loved ones for $20

Eddie – peanutbutter for $200


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players hold on to a rope connected to a very heavy log. The advantage for Cochran is moving the knot up two knots at any time.

WINNER – Cochran



Reynold – 3 votes
Malcolm – 3 votes
Andrea – 3 votes


There’s a three-way tie so another voting happened

Malcom – 4 votes

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