Who was voted out Survivor April 27, 2011 Results 4/27/11

Survivor Redemption Island April 27, 2011 still have three inhabitants in the island, Matt, Mike and Julie. What task will they have to do and win to stay in the competition? Who won’t make it and be sent home? Who’s next to get voted of Survivor 4/27/11?

One of the castaways will reach his or her breaking point in the game and will struggle to find some strength to continue. Who will it be?

A mystery package will be one of the focus as the castaways speculate what’s inside it. How the package affect their strategy in this episode titled “A Mystery Package”? Philip meditates while Andrea could be scheduled for early departure.

Who are you predicting to lose the elimination challenge? We are thinking it’s Julie. How about you? Who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor April 27, 2011 results? It will be provided here as always.

Update: Julie gets eliminated; Ralph and Steve get voted out, going to redemption island.

Rob – 2 votes

Ralph – 5 votes

Twist – another immunity challenge; one will be voted next after Ralph

12 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor April 27, 2011 Results 4/27/11

  1. I’ve always liked Boston Rob, but just like on Biggest Loser last night…I don’t want to see a player that got to play the game before win…I want to see someone new

  2. Boston Rob is a sexist racist. He thinks that Phillip is his “boy” and that he controls all. This guy is a pig. But I digress this is the worst season of survivor.

  3. I do not understand why Phillip is still there? He is totally a strange dude. Hostility is his best suit. I love Boston Rob. He’s a seasoned player and I want to see him take home the money!!!

  4. Phillip: What possible government agency could he had possibly work for and did state four years? He could not pass the background check. The man isn’t young was 40 years ago he work as an agent, that might make sense. But as of today and the way he is acting no way.

    Rob: I like him, he needs to watch the jury and get rid of Phillip. We had alot of smart people end up changing there personality. remember the deaths that never happen.

    Steve: Unfortuantly you are nice guy that just won’t make it. sorry

    Woman: Rob is working them but he better watch it……you can ‘t marry another winner.

    The show is a no brainer…it is amusing…I get home from a long day at work and get turn this on and it is background noise. If I watch their is no big decision I need to think or make about it. Have fun with it.

    Enjoy life……

  5. This is the dullest season of Survivor EVER! We almost stopped watching after Russell was eliminated. Now we are done. Let’s all send a message to CBS that the producers need to get involved and only put people on the show that know how to strategize and not just ride Boston Rob’s coat tails and then wait for him to slit your throat later when he make you choose between him and Phillip in the finale. BORING!

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