Who was voted out Survivor April 3, 2013 Results 4/3/13

The merge happens tonight on Survivor Caramoan. I’m sure many of you already know that this is happening already and are excited for it. There’s no more fans vs favorites. Will there be new alliances? Who gets the boot next?

There are only four fans left while there are still eight favorites. Expect some power to shift to another castaway as the merge happens. Who will be left out and is in danger of being eliminated?

The merge is time for a celebration feast and the castaways will face a food eating challenge. However, the food isn’t that yummy at all, or is it? The players are going to eat exotic foods – beetle, larvae and brains! Who could stomach it and who couldn’t?

The new tribe name will be “Enil Edam”. This is also the time for a cut-throat maneuvers as new alliances are made and someone’s getting blindsided but it could be pretty obvious who it is.

Most are rooting for Corinne to go while there are still some that says it’s going to be Phillip. If ever, Corinne should have ditched Phillip during the swap last week but she didn’t and it could cost her the game. But we’ll see what will happen tonight.

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Update: Corinne has been voted off, getting a total of 7 votes.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players race to get down local delicacies.

First group of six players – Andrea, Malcolm, Eddie, Sherri, Erik and Corinne. They must eat live beetle larva.

Those who advanced were Andrea, Malcolm and Eddie.

Second group eats the same food as well.

Those who advanced were Cochran, Phillip and Michael.


Andrea, Malcolm, Eddie, Cochran, Phillip and Micahel eat shipworms.

Malcolm, Eddie and Cochran advanced to the next round in which they must eat duck embryos (balut).


Final two – Cochran and Malcolm. They must eat pig brains.

Cochran wins immunity!


Sherri – 5 votes

Corinne – 7 votes

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