Who was voted out Survivor April 30, 2014 Results 4/30/14

The battle continues tonight on Survivor Cagayan. I’m saying battle since the players are battling to remain in the game. Who will be the next to get blindsided? Will another guy be voted off at the tribal council tonight?

There are seven remaining castaways on this episode – Jefra, Tasha, Trish, Kass, Tony, Woo and Spencer.

Spencer already used the idol on himself, so he could be the one to go home tonight, don’t you think?

Titled “Chaos is my friend”, one player’s bidding strategy at the Survivor Auction might pay off. What strategy could it be?

Then, if you have seen the preview, looks like Tony found something like a special idol he found, which can be used after the votes are revealed. If that is so, he’s safe for another week huh?

Will Tony continue to dominate everyone?

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Update: Jefra has been voted off!


– popcorn, candy, and soda – Trish gets it for $80

– covered item containing quesadilla, guacamole, salsa, and a margarita – Jefra gets it for $100

– covered item which contains rice and glass of water – Trish buys it for $60

– ribs and a beer – Woo buys it for $40

– Drawing rocks for the advantage – Tony bids $500 and Spencer joins him for that. Tony gets the black rock, which gives him advantage in the game, which is a clue to another immunity idol which he found later on in the episode.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must dig up bags from the sand and use the balls inside on a table maze.

WINNER – Tasha!


TRIBAL COUNCIL – Voting history

Spencer – 3 votes

Jefra – 4 votes


** Tony tells everyone that Spencer told him Jefra plans to blindside him

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