Who was voted out Survivor April 4, 2012 Results 4/4/12

The challenges and backstabbing continues on Survivor One World tonight, April 4, 2012. One of the castaways from the merged tribe became the first member of the jury. Who will be following and become the second jury member? Who will the players decide to vote out on Survivor One World episode 8?

Last week, sushi chef Jonas Otsuji was kicked off by his fellow castaways, even if he provides food for them. He did make a good point, telling the other players that Mike’s a bigger threat for immunity that him but that wasn’t enough for him to remain in the game. Only Jonas and Leif voted off Mike while the others voted for him.

Tonight, the castaways will talk about who’s next to go. Jay and Troyzan have the jitters as they could be the next to go. Kim tells her alliance that they have to decide if they are going to make their move, thinking it is never going to be the same. Are they thinking of eliminating Mike?

The game will get personal as one tribe member is confronted about her physical appearance. Who among the girls could it be? Meanwhile, a shocking blindside will eradicate any sense of security in the tribe. Could it be the women wanting to blindside Jay or Troyzan?

The women have the numbers advantage and the title “Just Annihilate Them” could be referring to this. They could use this advantage and have the guys leave one by one. But will that be the case tonight? The person who gets blindsided could be a woman. We’ll never know until tonight. Who do you think could it be?

There are speculations that Jay, Troyzan and Kim might have made it to the final three because of Colton’s exit interview. If that is so, there’s a big chance they are safe tonight. What do you think?

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Update: Mike was voted off, getting 5 votes; 

– Jay and Troyzan realize they may be overpowered by the girls

Reward challenge – race down a waterslide, run to the water to gather puzzle crates and solve those. The first team to solve the puzzle wins. The team who wins will get to enjoy burgers, steak, keylime pie and 7up. Tarzan is not chosen in the schoolyard picks so he gets to sit out the challenge.

– Jay, Troyzan, Kat, Alicia, and Chelsea vs Michael, Kim, Sabrina, Christina, and Leif.

– Michael, Kim, Sabrina, Christina, and Leif wins the reward challenge


Immunity challenge – race across a ladder bridge while maneuvering bags of puzzle pieces. The first four will move on the next stage. The first to make a puzzle from the pieces wins.

– Jay wins immunity



– Christina – 2 votes

– Tarzan – 2 votes

– Mike – 5 votes

One thought on “Who was voted out Survivor April 4, 2012 Results 4/4/12

  1. Want to talk about a bunch of stupid people. These men think they are the leaders but Kim is really telling those bonehead women what to do. But she is STUPID. 1st they vote out Jonas. He made that plain old rice taste good. HE COOKS! Stupid! Then Mike, he is big and strong but can’t win a chanllege. For what it’s worth, in my opinon, The smart person would take Tarzan to the end with them. He is so annoying noone would vote for him to get the million. As a great plastic surgeon he probably is a millionaire.

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