Who was voted out Survivor April 6, 2011 Results 4/6/11

Survivor Redemption Island April 6, 2011 will be the merge of the tribe. It’s the most important duel yet, but Matt has an injury which could make him be out of the island this time. Will he lost to Sarita? Also, who gets voted out of Survivor 4/6/11 results?

The winner of the duel between Matt and Sarita will be reentering the game. This person will be shocked to find out that the tribes have merged. Titled “This Game Respects Big Moves”, the former tribes have big plans for one castaway who has the potential to change the game and that castaway grapples with the decision of whether to make the powerful move. Will he?

Will the castaways be coming after Rob this time? It’s going to be an all new game with the merge. Who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor April 6, 2011 results? We’ll find out soon.

Update: Sarita was eliminated after she lost to Matt in the duel; Natalie won immunity; Matt got voted out getting 6 votes;

4 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor April 6, 2011 Results 4/6/11

  1. Who voted for Steve??? My tivo cut the part off where they show who voted for who – Or better yet, who did Andrea vote for? thank you!

  2. Why aren’t they showing who voted for whom this year? Who voted for Steve? Matt? How do you know? Andrea voted for Matt?

  3. zapatera has loyalty to each other they voted grant. matt voted out steve he follow what rob wants. he stupid anyway for trusting rob. andrea got pissed off at matt because of his stupidity.

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