Who was voted out Survivor April 9, 2014 Results 4/9/14

The challenges continue tonight on Survivor Cagayan episode 7. There are 10 remaining castaways left, but after tonight, one will become the second jury member while 9 remain in the competition. Who will be voted off?

Teams will be split again into two tonight. Well, this is for the reward challenge. The castaways will be divided into purple team and orange team. Those who are in purple are Trish, Tasha, Tony, Woo and Kass while the orange team have Spencer, Jefra, Mogran, Jeremiah and LJ.

The players will climb on a giant net that tips over, walk the balance beam over the water and carry a large crate over the sand to the next part, which is puzzle.

Meanwhile, the immunity challenge is an endurance competition.

Who will win immunity? Who will be the next member of the jury?

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Update: Morgan got voted off, becoming the 2nd member of the jury.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players will go through a series of obstacles. They then must untie, drag a chest and bring it up a wall and solve a puzzle.

Reward – trip to a Survivor Outback Steakhouse.

WINNER – Spencer, Jeremiah, Morgan, and Jefra


* Spencer finds the idol


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must balance on their toes with a block wedged between their head and a board. The last player standing wins.

WINNER – Spencer



Tony – 4 votes

Morgan – 6 votes


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