Who was voted out Survivor December 1 2010 Results 12/1/10

Survivor Nicaragua December 1, 2010 episode is titled “You Started, You’re Finishing”. It will be an all new episode so some will get booted out for sure. What will be the next challenge for tonight and at the tribal council, who gets voted out of Survivor 12/1/10? Results of who the next jury will be here soon.

The castaways will be experiencing extreme rain, which seems to be too much for NaOnka and Kelly. Will they be quitting because of this? Hope so because they already got too far to quit.  As for NaOnka, will she give her idol to Chase?

Who will win the immunity challenge for this episode and who gets to be sent home, if no one will quit? I want NaOnka to be the next to go. How about you? Do you want Kelly or Jane or other castaway to go?

Only seven members will be left after this. Updates will be given. Find out who won’t make it next week after that contestant is the one who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor December 1, 2010 results.

Updates: NaOnka and Kelly quit!

4 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor December 1 2010 Results 12/1/10

  1. Naonka and Kelly do not deserve to be in the jury. They are both selfish and only care about minimal things like their own comfort. I hated it when Naonka said her “joints” hurt. Think about Dan, he is a lot older than her and does he complain like that, no. I’m glad they’re both gone but I don’t think they deserve to have any part of survivor, especially being part of the jury who decides the winner.

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