Who was voted out Survivor December 11, 2013 Results 12/11/13

The drama continues tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water. It’s the second to the last episode this season since the finale will be on Sunday! Are you excited for tonight’s episode?

Five players remain – Tyson, Monica, Ciera, Hayden and Gervase while three are in Redemption Island – Tina, Laura and Katie.

This week’s battle will be a familiar challenge. Tina, Laura and Katie will have to combine a set of sticks and twine to create a poking stick which should be long enough to reach out and get three ring holding keys. They must they unlock the three locks on their gate.

Meanwhile, the Immunity Challenge will have the players thread a buoy from offshore back to the beach. They then have to solve a puzzle.

Who will win Immunity? Who will be eliminated and who will be voted out?

Spoilers say Tina gets eliminated from the battle and Ciera gets the boot. What do you think?

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Update: Katie got eliminated! Hayden got voted off!

Duel – build a pole, retrieve keys and get them out of their cages.

WINNER – Laura

Second – Tina



** Laura gave the clue to her daughter, as expected.



Players must dive in the water and take their buoy along a rope before getting to shore and form an 8 word phrase with letter titles.

Reward for the winner is food.

WINNER – Ciera

She shared the food with Hayden



Hayden – 3 votes

Gervase – 2 votes

4 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor December 11, 2013 Results 12/11/13

  1. I am going to hurt someone if Tyson wins. But guess what? He probably won’t because everyone in Jury Hates him! And they hate Gervase too, and Laura. So the only people that I believe should win is Hayden or Ciera. Yeah Ciera kinda screwed a lot of people over but she has done extremely well. But I still want Hayden to win.

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