Only five castaways remain on tonight’s episode of Survivor Philippines. On Sunday is its season finale. Who will be the final four after the tribal council? Will Abi-Maria finally be eliminated and be the next member of the jury?

Last week, the castaways were visited by their loved ones and joined them in the reward challenge while the castaways were, of course, alone during the immunity challenge. Malcolm won both challenges making him safe at the tribal council. Abi-Maria was also safe since the alliance decided to vote out the biggest threat, which was Carter.

For tonight’s thirteeth episode, the final five will battle it out to win immunity.Titled “Gouge My Eyes Out”, a final three deal will happen while aboard a moving ship far from their fellow tribemates. This is related to the reward challenge and the deal will happen during or after this game.

Who made the final three deal? Spoilers say it’s Lisa, Skupin and Denise. That means, Abi-Maria or Malcolm will be eliminated tonight then another one will be voted out Sunday night during the two-hour finale.

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Update: Abi-Maria gets voted off, becoming the 7th jury member.

REWARD CHALLENGE – helicopter and boat ride for pizza, cookies and whale shark watching. Castaways must slide across the beach, untie rings and toss a ring.

Skupin wins reward challenge. He chose Malcome and Lisa.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – castaways must cross a rope bridge using planks, collect puzzle maze pieces and solve it.

Malcolm wins immunity.



Abi – 3 votes

Denise – 1 vote