Who was voted out Survivor December 14, 2011 Results 12/14/11

It’s an exciting night in Survivor South Pacific’s, December 14, 2011 episode. Tension arises as the finale gets near and tonight, the Upolu members are forced to turn on each other. Only five castaways remain but at the end of the show tonight, it will be four, plus one between Ozzy and Edna will become the next member of the jury. Who do you think gets eliminated and who gets voted off Survivor tonight?

The first even that will happen is, of course, the duel between Ozzy and Edna. The two will compete to stay in the game but being predictable, we won’t be surprised if Ozzy wins. We’ll be shocked if Edna wins.

Meanwhile, the final five castaways, all from Upolu will have to turn on each other next – Coach, Brandon, Sophie, Albert and Rick, they will battle it out to win immunity tonight. The one who wins immunity is safe from being sent to the Redemption Island. But here goes the somewhat mixed-up part and here’s where spoilers come in. If you want to find out what will happen, please continue reading.

According to tvfunspot, Brandon wins immunity but he’s also the one who was voted out. Now, how did that happen? spoilers said the Brandon gave his immunity to Albert after his meltdown. You could say he quits, which makes the episode more exciting tonight.

Therefore, the person who will have a duel with Ozzy next time, which could be aired on Sunday at the finale which is a two-hour episode, is Brandon. Who wins the duel, if ever?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Follow us on Twitter for the updates on the episode. We’ll provide updates to confirm if Edna was the one who gets eliminated and if Brandon was the latest castaway who gets voted out on Survivor December 14, 2011 results.

Update: Edna was eliminated; Brandon was voted off;

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