Who was voted out Survivor December 15 2010 Results 12/15/10

Survivor Nicaragua December 15, 2010 will be the second to the last episode this season 21. But there are still six castaways tonight. What will be the strategy if there will only be two left for next week? Who gets voted out of Survivor 12/15/10? Results will be here.

This episode is titled “This is Going to Hurt” and the final six gets an emotional visit from home. Meanwhile, one alliance will be faced with a difficult decision to secure their own fate in the game. Who could it be?

The stakes are higher than ever, the immunity challenge was taken back from Sash and the contestants are given the luxury to keep them strong in the end by giving lots of food as an incentive. Later on, a surprise awaits the losers of the challenge as they will be taken and executed. Could it mean that they will be automatically eliminated?

We’ll find out soon what will happen on the show. Know who among the six will it be. Who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor December 15, 2010? Soon.

Updates: Jane was voted out;

Jane – 4 votes

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